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July 2014 Rancho Bernardo Winery PVO held a BBQ fundraiser.


September 2014 Poway CA PVO participated in the Poway Days Parade



March 2015 Elks Lodge Poway PVO hosted a fundraiser burger night at the Poway Elks Lodge.


May 2015 Poway Elks Lodge PVO held a breakfast event in conjunction with Keller Williams Realty 2015 Red Day to raise funds for PVO veterans projects.



August 2015 Poway, CA PVO held their first annual fundraising golf tournament at Stoneridge Country Club.



April 2016

Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC)       San Diego, CA

The Poway Veterans Organization donated a piano to the Veterans Administration Medical Center in La Jolla, CA. PVO member Ed Berger presented the piano to VAMC Staff Member Judy Tellez and VAMC Volunteer Services Member R. C. Shields. This donated piano replaces a broken instrument and will be available for use by patients in the dining area of a second floor ward at the VAMC.

Music has proven to contribute to the patient healing process. Hospitals can be an unfamiliar and stressful environment and music provides patients with familiar experiences that reduce stress and promote positive coping. Music lifts the patientís mood, reduces anxiety, raises motivation and helps combat insomnia and depression. Music physiologically affects heart rate, breathing and pulse rate resulting in an increased feeling of pleasure.